Friday, March 18, 2016

We're from the hood how else are we suppose to make money ?

What ?! I don't understand how anyone can say that robbing and stealing is a way of making money because we're from the hood we don't know anything else . If you don't know what I'm talking about a young man was shot and killed this week after breaking into a women's home in which she shoot him. Surprise she had a license and was with in her rights. Second amendment rights are needed for situations just like this . No race no color no gender just know someone is breaking into your home and you see them climbing out the window . I don't know about you but your going to get shoot of its my house . The lady did nothing wrong . She didn't get home and say "imma shoot me a black kid tonight" . She was protesting her home that she worked hard for . This is why it bothers me when I hear people say we need to take money from the rich. If you worked hard for your money would you want someone to take it from you . Even better how about a way of life where we tell kids that the only way to pay for clothes and get money is to steal . I'm from the hood very proud of it . I did my share of illegal activities stealing wasn't one of them though. I was taught to work hard and earn your money . And if you do dirt don't get caught ! The women in this case wasn't in the wrong . This young man needed an adult male on his life to teach him better . How about some parents that had real jobs so they could buy their son clothes . You are the most worthless type of parent if you can't buy your kids clothes and teach them that stealing is the only way. He needed values. Hard work is key to being successful just another sad story of people that want to better them selves . It's sad he lost his life because he was caught doing something wrong . Like I always say DO BETTER ! But hey what do I know right .

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Do you think your a good parent , take the test!

So the other night i took my girls to the skating rink. We haven't gone skating ever, so heres a first time experience i was not ready for. My youngest is 4 years old a lot harder to teach, well for me at least i'm not patient enough. I can admit to this people and theres nothing wrong with that. When one is skating our mind goes primitive. The don't fall mode is on! No matter how many times you've gone skating , that first step is scary and you do that thing with your hands and hips and it looks like your going to hola-hop to get your balance. I bet you laughed right you know what i mean. Well i'm holding Abri's hand and were going slow and steady and she's learning. Kinda. I cant remember what song was playing not really important. So in the blink of an eye we fall. In my head all i hear is "down goes Frazier". For a split second i want to save my own life and throw my child out the way. People understand me i would never hurt my baby, but when skating the rules change. I don't want to get hurt! Who ever says oh i want to get hurt today. No one! So here we go i'm skating backwards and she's facing forward she falls back takes us down like a rock, not once did i let her hand go i look like Tom Cruse hanging from the bungee in mission impossible . Im doing a split my arms out the baby is safe i bang my knee but so what right. I saved my baby i turned off my animal instinct. People i did it i past the ultimate parent test. Don't believe me go do it your self and see if you don't try and save your self first. This will be the hardest thing you do with your kids ever.

Where to start

So i never really used my blogspot but im going to start posting lets see how it goes.

Kasabian - No Sleep 2 - download and stream | Audiomack

Kasabian - No Sleep 2 - download and stream | Audiomack